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Social Media Approach

As a Philadelphia marketing firm, we define social media in simple terms: conversations people are having online. While many of the rules of online marketing have changed, the fundamentals of a relevant authentic story remain the same. This is not your daughter’s Facebook app. The key is to see how your story plays out in the spheres of influence.

Social Media Spheres of Influence

Content is still king in the new media order. The spheres of influence create many new opportunities for brands. Fortunately, we have been involved from the start, which helps us separate fact from fad to achieve your goals.

Increase web traffic?
Connect to a community of customer?
Spread recent news?
Position yourself as a category leader?
Blunt a negative piece of news?
Grow buzz about a new product or service?

We don’t push you in head first. Using our proven 5 step model, we begin by listening at a safe distance. With a firm understanding of the patterns and priorities of your targeted audiences, we move to set measurable, practical business goals for your social media marketing campaign.

Five Steps of Social Media Engagement

1. Listen – Begin listening at a safe distance. Find out where your key communities are online and listen to what they are talking about. Delegate 10-20 company listeners to share the work. Monitor blogs, microsites, and industry forums. Sign up for feeds to the top bloggers, tweeters and influencers in your world. Designate a regular meeting time to discuss patterns and topics.

2. Respond – If people are saying nice things about you, say thanks. If they are saying inaccurate things, let them know the facts. Only a designated few should speak for your brand. But you first must have a social media policy in place. Determine who in your organization can participate in the conversation, what issues you’ll discuss and where and when you’ll join the conversation.

3. Share – Once all guidelines are in place, you’re ready for a qualified few to share information and start communicating in small ways. This can include sharing milestone announcements through your networks, forwarding relevant articles, establishing a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or starting a blog or twitter feed. Don’t forget to connect your external social media content across all channels along with your internal communications channels.

4. Shape – Once you get the hang of sharing, you can begin introducing new topics and items that steer the conversation in your direction. This can include ideas for new polls, opinion pieces and white papers. It also includes actively monitoring and commenting on other blogs, forums, and community sites.

5. Lead – Only after repeated successes in shaping can you begin leading the conversation online. This is your chance to become an influencer in your industry by actively creating insights and content across multiple channels. This can include a new industry survey series, provocative industry round tables and forums, leadership initiatives and trade and mainstream PR connected to your social media channels.



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