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Your website is quite often the first place that people discover and interact with your brand. It yields an enduring first impression that frames all subsequent interactions and touch points. That’s precisely why it’s critical that your website have substance behind the glitz and tells a story rather than a laundry list of services and products.

Most people go about creating websites the wrong way, focusing first on layouts and design. We start at the other end of the process, focusing first on users and tone and information categories. Through our proprietary Website Marketing Boot Camp, we develop your website first on the wall, with paper and sticky notes, in a group process to set a course and solicit feedback and agreement. Ultimately, we find that this approach accelerates the process, eliminating costly changes down the line.

The ideas and insights generated from our proprietary Website Marketing Boot Camp form the building blocks of your new website. In it, we uncover:

  • Goals
  • User profiles & information needs
  • Personality & tone
  • Information category/hierarchy
  • Format & navigational scheme

Our graphic design team has experience designing corporate websites, microsites, and temporary landing pages for companies in the Philadelphia, PA region. Whether it’s a 100 page, conservative site for a public company or an edgy, consumer microsite, our strength lies in infusing story into every aspect of your site. After all, first impressions can be quite a powerful thing.


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