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Employee Engagement

Today, less than 25% of all workers are engaged—which is defined as giving full discretionary effort on the job. That’s a problem.

Global Employee Engagement Crisis

Even worse, 38% are shown to be disenchanted or disengaged, (working against the company). The result is an “engagement gap”—the difference between merely limping along or leaping forward. The gap can be closed by providing workers with a sense of mission that comes from personal understanding to a compelling corporate story.

New Rules of Engagement

We know that people only remember half of what they read, a third of what they hear but 100% of what they feel. Can they feel your mission? Do they even know what it is? The rules of employee engagement have changed. You can’t force feed culture and values through any amount of memos or handbooks. It requires missionaries, not mission statements. Culture and values must be a natural extension of what you stand for as a business. They must be reinforced through honest and open communication that comes from the heart—and from the top, with management as the biggest champions.

The new rules of engagement replace authority and authenticity, We’ve created a new employee engagement model with tools and techniques that are more authentic, more human and more effective in building and maintaining an engaged workforce.

Old and New Rules of Employee Engagement



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