Power of Story

There is a rare accepted truth in marketing: great brands tell great stories. Today, real people don’t want to hear any more sales messages. They want stories: powerful, simple and memorable. Through our Master Narrative Branding Model™, we replace your worn messages and materials with real stories worth spreading. They spread through your market, through your media and through your people.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a story’s worth a thousand pictures. The power of narrative is playing out across all spheres of marketing creating a unique competitive advantage for today’s leading brands. We’ve been converts for years. Quite simply, we build stories that build brands.

Human beings are wired for narrative. That’s why stories work. Information in story form outperforms any tactic and transcends any media. Audiences retain up to seven times the information shared via a story versus statistics. And they work equally well in ads, PR, social media, sales efforts, employee engagement, training and recruitment. Click to learn about our Master Narrative Branding Model™.

Thanks to info overload, people now rely on cognitive maps or schemas, for shortcuts to information. We weave facts with feelings to create a personal context that holds data in deeper meaning. Stories work with those models to create movies in the mind — engaging more of the person with more of the message. Stories have greater impact on key metrics, including awareness, recall, understanding, persuasion and loyalty.

More than recall, stories create ownership. When people own information, they tend to act on it and share it. And isn’t that what you want your marketing efforts to do?

Our story-driven campaigns are delivered by a highly collaborative team of journalists and generalists, consultants and creatives, facilitators and free-thinkers, media types, marketing types, bloggers, believers, researchers, designers, videographers, managers and measurers.

So what’s your story?

Power of Story



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