Alex Irwin


What my business card says:

Staff Writer

What I actually do:

As a staff writer, I create the content that our clients depend on – from white papers, blog posts and press releases to speeches and presentations. I’m an avid consumer of content, constantly on the lookout for new research and compelling stories that could be of use to our clients.

Marketing pedigree:

I’ve worked on both the marketing and journalism sides of the media for more than a decade with a heavy focus on business-to-business communications.

Most recent success:

Using an interview I’d just done with an infectious disease doctor for an article to help my now-wife through a bout with Lyme disease.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

My first time covering an industry conference, when I unintentionally made a quality manager cry (in a good way) with my icebreaker story.

Book I recommend to clients:

Talk Like TED” – We’ve all seen a Ted Talk that really resonated with us. I love the competition that springs from this now-established medium to create engaging, informative presentations on pretty much any topic you can imagine. This book gets at some of what I strive to do with all of my work here – combine information and emotion to create a compelling story.

What I do for fun:

I play drums in the indie rock band Flat Mary Road (come to one of our shows!) and explore different Philadelphia neighborhoods.


Temple University, Communications.

Title of my autobiography:

“A Content Life”

More of my thinking:

How to step up your presentation skills and “Talk Like TED”

How to reach me:

215-564-3200 ext. 166

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