Bill Mettinger

What my business card says:

Graphic Designer

What I actually do:

I design visually pleasing pieces of art which help our clients communicate a certain message. I pride myself on quality and accuracy in giving our clients exactly what they need.

Marketing pedigree:

Branding a 17-piece Jazz Ensemble, significantly bolstering their social media presence.

Most recent success:

Designing and running a campaign for a book my dad wrote!

Remind me to tell you the story about …

The time I sang Karaoke for 8 hours straight… non-stop.

Book I recommend to clients:

Read about your hero’s, read about topics that interest you. Retain information that will help you grow and make you happy!

What I do for fun:

When I’m not creating design pieces, I am either making music, or hanging out with good company. Sometimes, I’m doing all of the above!


Temple University, Advertising Degree with a focus in Art Direction

Title of my autobiography:

“Tinker Until You Can Tinker No Longer”

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