Introducing our "B On The Basics" series

Jun 22, 2016

Introducing our "B On The Basics" series

Jun 22, 2016

Take a look at any of the latest fitness magazines in your grocery store checkout aisle. Every single one promotes a revolutionary workout routine and a miracle diet.

You need all that trendy information in order to look like the model on the cover, right?

Frankly, no.

The truth is, the large majority of people would be better off doing simple, proven exercises and eating whole foods on a very consistent basis. But, of course, that doesn’t sell new magazines.

It’s the same situation in marketing. Pick up any advertising or business magazine and you’ll find all sorts of different articles proclaiming why your business needs a Snapchat presence, or needs an omnichannel retargeting approach, or needs to market contextually to Generation Z in micro-moments.

Again, the truth is that the large majority of businesses would be far better off focusing on marketing fundamentals. Far too many companies pursue some flashy, sophisticated new marketing tactic before they have even created the basic elements of a marketing strategy, or before they have employed the proven essentials that businesses can use to communicate their offerings.

In our client counseling, we find that what most businesses really need is a simple, clear, practical explanation of marketing basics. This is true for both small start-ups and huge enterprises. Concentrating on perfecting the foundations of a strong marketing function is the meat and potatoes, the squats and deadlifts, the maybe-boring but definitely effective approach to really achieving business results.

Sure, many companies are much more sophisticated, and need more cutting edge insight, just like there are many elite athletes who need to know the latest advances to gain the slightest edge on their competition. We’re eager to offer those next-level services, of course, but they’re destined to fail without building on a strong foundation, just like you need to master jumping rope before you try Steph Curry’s agility routine.

That’s why we’re introducing a new series here on our blog called “B On The Basics.” We plan to take topics like public relations, content marketing and storytelling, and explain what they are, why they’re important and how they’re employed. We plan to do that in jargon-free language that cuts through hype to show how these tools and approaches can actually solve business challenges. Essentially, we’ll answer the frequently asked questions we hear all the time, articulating the best practices we’ve learned through experience.

Ultimately, we hope that by helping businesses master the basics, we can spend more time guiding them to the advanced abilities they truly aspire to. Start reading all the articles in this series.

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