Jamie Haynes


What my business card says:

Account Supervisor

What I actually do:

I help clients engage audiences in 140 characters and 1200 words. Whether we’re talking turf management, risk management or symptom management, I make complex topics simple and exciting. Then I write it, pitch it, tweet it and post it until stakeholders take notice and media take notes.

Marketing pedigree:

I earned my PR chops among the creatives on Madison Avenue and the suits on Wall Street, managing media relations for some of the largest innovators in banking and financial technology.

Most recent success:

Bringing a local brand to life. When a medical practice in Philadelphia had an idea for a new start-up, we gave them a sharp brand identity, sleek collateral, engaging social channels and local and national press coverage.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

Hitting six cities in two months to charm tradeshow attendees around the country. Gotta love client conference season.

Book I recommend to clients:

“Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis. A fantastic, agonizing and controversial look at the explosion of technology on Wall Street.

What I do for fun:

Scoop grounders on the softball field or whip up something fresh and delicious in the kitchen.


Quinnipiac (say it with me, kwin-uh-pe-ack) University, BA in Public Relations.

Title of my autobiography:

“The Perks of Being a News Hound”

More of my thinking:

Why “Smarter Faster Better” will make you smarter and better faster

Essential communication tips from Daniel Pink’s “To Sell is Human”

“Experiences” is a crucial guide to navigating the new age of marketing

How to reach me:


215-564-3200 ext. 162

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