Jay Fuegel


What my business card says:

Graphic Designer

What I actually do:

Create eye-grabbing designs that help our clients tell their stories with style.

Design pedigree:

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects for a wide range of clients. With each job bringing unique challenges, I’ve learned how to adapt to and master many different styles.

Most recent success:

Helped to rebrand a firm with over 15 years of experience in the marketing and design industry.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

The time I spent 7 hours trying anything and everything to free my truck from a 4-foot-deep pit of mud.

Book I recommend to clients:

“Aesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts”

What I do for fun:

Anything with friends.


The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.

Title of my autobiography:

“Falling in Place: An aspiring artist with luck on his side”

How to reach me:


215-564-3200 ext. 164