Joe McIntyre

What my business card says:

Senior Account Executive

What I actually do:

In essence, I help clients explain precisely what they do to their clients, customers, the media and, just as often, themselves. To do that, I create, manage, refine and execute on their company messages in media, internal marketing and all other types of content. After all, explaining what you or your company actually does on a daily basis isn’t easy. And getting to the why is even harder.

Marketing pedigree:

After a few years spent as a journalist in Pennsylvania and California, I saw the writing on the wall and switched over to the marketing and PR side. Since then, I’ve been working for all types of clients in the Philly region, from chemical and financial, to tech and food.

Most recent success:

Keeping the notion that one of our bigger clients “never has a crisis” alive.

Remind me to tell you the story about:

The time I had to leave in the middle of a date because Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was getting fired.

Book I recommend to clients:

I never recommend a specific book but rather a book that teaches you something. Every year I try to learn a new skill or two, so I recommend grabbing a book that will teach you a new skill, hobby, or expertise, whether it’s being more productive, or breaking bad habits.

What I do for fun:

Play racquetball, eat food, watch hockey.


Penn State, BA in Print Journalism.

Title of My Autobiography:

“C.R.E.A.M. Content Rules Everything Around Me”

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