Katie Karsh


What my business card says:

Account Executive

What I actually do:

I’m the driving, creative voice that opens the door to new opportunities for my clients. Whether it’s an organic food company or a storied nonprofit organization, I breathe life into small ideas to turn them into exciting and media-worthy stories.

Marketing pedigree:

I kick-started my career working for Penn State Football at the peak of one of the biggest scandals in the history of intercollegiate athletics. From there, I had two year-long stints in the NFL, working in the communications departments for the Houston Texans and New York Giants, respectively. Whether I’m doing PR for sports franchises, financial companies or nonprofits, I love being the driving voice behind my clients.

Most recent success:

Being an integral part of the PR team that successfully planned, executed and secured front page coverage for seven-time Pro Bowler Andre Johnson’s retirement in Houston…all in 48 hours.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

Being a part of the Public Relations Team for Super Bowls XLIX and LI. And yes, you guessed right – the Patriots won both times.

Book I recommend to clients:

Full transparency…I prefer college football playbooks. Read what interests you. Whether it be a business book – or in my case a book on the fundamentals of football – just make sure you can take something away.

What I do for fun:

I love lacing up my kicks, throwing in some headphones and exploring new places on foot!


The Pennsylvania State University, Class of 2016. Public Relations major, English minor. WE ARE…

Title of my autobiography:

“Fourth and Long: Making Impossible Possible”

How to reach me:


215.564.3200 ext. 118

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