Mark Parker

What my business card says:

Creative Director

What I actually do:

A good story doesn’t need an illustration or visual aid. But they don’t hurt, and they can be awfully fun to look at. I collaborate with seasoned professionals to develop concepts and visuals that illuminate the way successful businesses operate and propel them to greater success.

Creative pedigree:

I think versatility is far greater than specialty. It’s more fun. I’ve done actual client work using vehicles like court sketch, mosaic, domino art, clay sculpture, caricature, wall art, anamorphic sidewalk chalk art, endangered animal illustrative prints, clay animation, entomology themed stamps, 3-D models, paintings, diagrams, chart, maps, websites and more. If it will help your brand, I will do it.

Most recent success:

Nailed a co-worker’s likeness in pencil during a staff meeting.

Remind me to tell you the story about:

Arriving to work wearing only one shoe.

Book I recommend to clients:

“One Man’s Wilderness”

What I do for fun:

Herpetology and watching sports (especially my kids)


Temple University: Tyler School of Art

Title of my autobiography:

“Mark Parker. His name is plain but not his game.”

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