Megan Matthews


What my business card says:

Assistant Account Executive

What I actually do:

I offer a transatlantic perspective on client dilemmas, with a heavy focus on the importance of in depth research and a personalized approach.

Marketing pedigree:

I veered onto the marketing path accidentally through a media company that I wanted to code for, and since then I’ve worked in all kinds of industries. From speech therapists to music magazines, I help people that are looking for a new mindset and a brand to go with it.

Most recent success:

Single-handedly branding a startup speech therapist based in Philadelphia, all the way from England.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

The time that I went to the ‘dodgy side of town’ to cover a huge bust of some…illegal activities.

Book I recommend to clients:

Anything written by my favorite girl boss journalist, Caitlin Moran, is always going to be something I recommend but reading Everybody Writes by Ann Handley is a great way to understand the value of your words.

What I do for fun:

I love nothing more than taking a hike, whether that’s through the historical castles that are scattered across the green hills of England or exploring a trail in the beautiful suburbs of Pennsylvania. Otherwise, you could probably find me watching some variety of house hunting show.


A Communications Degree with a specialism in Journalism, from Birmingham City University – in Ye Grande Olde England.

Title of my autobiography:

The British Are Coming: Colonizing the Marketing World

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