The competitive landscape for landscaping and golf course groundskeeping applications is literally a turf war.

We worked with FMC, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the U.S. and world, to develop a whole new product class and ownable market position for its Professional Solutions division.

Rather than just leveling the playing field, our creative approach elevated them above the fray, positioning their products as the science-founded and science-forward option for weed, disease and pest management.

We also help FMC play it safe. Centered on an out-of-the-box, easily translatable brand, surprising creative, video series, interactive contests and a grassroots approach, our TH!NK. SAFE. internal safety program made an immediate and universal positive impact, achieving 98% awareness around the world.

Now in its fifth year, the campaign achieved a 15% improvement in safety and has won Initiative of the Year by the American Chemistry Council, the chemical industry’s largest association, two years in a row.

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