The World’s Most Relaxing Song

Apr 18, 2018

Good brands don’t just think about the stuff they sell, they think about the experience they create. Good marketing is about crafting, refining and supporting that experience.

When Radox Spa wanted to introduce a new line of spa-inspired products, it looked to elevate its story from selling bubble bath and shower gel to providing a relaxing experience. So it created the most relaxing song in the world.

The Radox Experience

Radox commissioned a UK neuromarketing firm and a sound therapist to study how music can induce relaxation. The result was “Weightless” by the English ambient music band Marconi Union.

The song uses a host of techniques to chill out the listener, including samples from nature, hums that imitate Buddhist chants and no repeating melody. The rhythm of the song begins at 60 beats per minute and gradually slows to 50. While listening, a person’s heart rate will also slow to match that tempo due to a process known as entrainment.

The tune generated measurable results – and a ton of exposure. Researchers found the song was 11 percent more relaxing than any other song and reduced overall anxiety in listeners by 65 percent.

Benefits for All

It was a win for Marconi Union, too. Time magazine listed the band as an inventor of the year, and the song has more than 33 million plays on Spotify.

Radox wasn’t mentioned in every story, but when it was, the message was simple: You don’t need to leave your house to have a relaxing, spa-like experience. It wasn’t just selling soap, it was enabling tranquility and relaxation.

Long story short: Think beyond the products or services you offer. Look at the experience customers get from your brand and come up with big ideas to enhance that effect.


his article also appeared in our weekly newsletter, Long Story Short. It was written by Alex Irwin.

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