Wrong Story Short: Expanding Content Marketing Capabilities

Aug 12, 2019

On our 8th episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Braithwaite’s Ben Cooper and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to think about content marketing. Content marketing is no longer just articles written by companies. It’s everything from infographics, to short-form and long-form videos, to eBooks, to podcasts, and everything in between. Ben and Joe talk about what companies are missing in their content marketing strategies and why these more advanced content formats aren’t as complicated as some may think.

A Broader Definition of Content Marketing

Ben is a writer and content marketing expert here at Braithwaite. He specializes in crafting stories for companies across industries including energy, finance, health, logistics, and more. He began his career as a journalist, so he has a keen sense of what types of content resonate with which audiences.

What’s in this episode:

1:50 – Ben’s thoughts on content marketing
3:00 – Why content marketing is NOT just written articles
4:15 – Choosing the right format for content
6:20 – B2B does not mean Boring to Business
8:00 – Making advanced content marketing fit within tight budgets
9:15 – Extending the shelf life of content
10:20 – The next evolution in content marketing

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