Vicky Mahoney


What my business card says:

Office Manager

What I actually do:

I manage the day to day operations of the office and handle all the agency billing and collections. From organizing meaningful meetings and wowing clients during office visits, to managing our vendor relationships and ordering enough everything bagels for staff meetings.

Marketing pedigree:

Does handling every invoice that comes into and goes out of the agency count?

Most recent success:

Streamlined our time tracking and billing procedures, and hosted training sessions with all employees on time management.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

The time I met Carson Wentz.

Book I recommend to clients:

“The Five Love Languages” – Technically it is a book about deepening the relationship with your partner, but it is extremely helpful in discovering different ways people communicate, and the best way to develop and grow all types of interpersonal relationships.

What I do for fun:

When I’m not catching up on all the books, podcasts, tv shows and movies I love, I am out eating and drinking with friends and watching the Eagles.


The Catholic University of America, Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre

Title of my autobiography:

“Winging It: Just Making it Up as I Go.”

How to reach me:

215-564-3200 ext. 123

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