Wrong Story Short: Introducing The Braithwaite Podcast

Apr 2, 2018

We’re thrilled to introduce the first episode of the Braithwaite podcast – “Wrong Story Short.”

As the name suggests, “Wrong Story Short” will take a short (about 10-15 minute) look into why certain marketing communications don’t work, can’t work and won’t work as constructed. Then, we’ll talk about how some simple adjustments can take those wrong concepts, executions or deliveries of marketing and communications and turn them into something that succeeds.

On this episode, Braithwaite’s Sarah Promisloff Ross joins host Joe McIntyre to discuss media relations and specifically, what qualifies as a bad media pitch and what actually goes into creating a good one. During her career, Sarah’s probably tossed more pitches than Steve Carlton and Sandy Koufax combined. She’s gotten clients big and small in places like the New York Times, ABC’s World News Tonight, CNN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Washington Post, and countless others across the country. If you need to get your company in the news, Sarah is the best in the biz to make it happen.

What’s in this episode:
1:05 – Introducing “Wrong Story Short”
2:20 – Misconceptions about media relations
4:25 – Example of a bad media pitch
7:25 – Example of a good media pitch
11:00 – Sarah’s and Joe’s personal pitching style

You can listen to the podcast below or by finding us on ITunes, Anchor or Pocketcasts.

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