Wrong Story Short: Running a Trade Show Booth

Oct 24, 2018

On our fifth episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Freddy Braithwaite and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to run a trade show booth and chat about how to actually create leads as well as media coverage without spending an arm and a leg on a spectacular booth.

Building a Better Trade Show Booth

Freddy is Braithwaite’s go-to on all things media. She just got back from New Orleans, where she represented a client at a huge industry trade show. And she’s got plenty of tips to share for any company who’s thinking about how to stand out at their next trade show (or looking for a good gumbo spot in NOLA).

What’s in this episode:
1:12 – Mistakes companies make at trade shows
2:23 – Do you need to hand out good freebies at trade shows?
3:27 – How to get the most bank for your buck at a trade show
4:27 – What is the value of conducting surveys at trade shows?
5:45 – Is it possible to get media coverage from a trade show?
7:45 – Do you need to spend a fortune to be successful?
9:05 – The best part about the Big Easy

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