Wrong Story Short: SEO Misunderstandings

Aug 27, 2019

On our 9th episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Braithwaite’s Megan Matthews and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to think about SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO can be a complicated topic. It’s much more than keyword stuffing and back-end proficiency, but not complex enough where it takes an advanced degree in web development to understand. In this episode, Megan and Joe discuss what exactly SEO is, how it works from Google’s perspective, and what companies get wrong when they want to “optimize” their websites.

Megan is a digital and content extraordinaire at Braithwaite and comes to us from across the pond in England. She works on a number of B2B clients doing everything from writing content pieces that incorporate the latest in Google’s algorithmic updates to ensuring the copy and back-end development of the websites we manage are fully optimized.

What’s in this episode:

1:30 – What exactly is SEO?
3:00 – Why SEO is important
3:45 – The biggest SEO mistakes brands make
6:00 – What is “linking” and how does it affect SEO?
7:05 – Is it really possible to move up in Google rankings and if so, how?
9:20 – How to know what search terms to target
10:20 – What role does content marketing play in SEO?
13:20 – What Braithwaite does to boost the SEO-value of content

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