Wrong Story Short: The Wrong Content Marketing

Apr 30, 2018

On our second episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Braithwaite’s Alex Irwin and Joe McIntyre discuss content marketing—what it is, why it’s often done wrong, and what it takes to create the really good stuff people actually enjoy reading. As former journalists, Alex and Joe have written about dozens of different topics during their careers on both sides of the PR world. And as Braithwaite’s lead writer, Alex is responsible for telling the stories of our clients, whether the topic is financial services, technology, organic produce or healthcare.

What’s in this episode:

2:14 – What is content marketing?
3:35 – What does bad content marketing look like?
5:45 – Coming up with ideas for content marketing
6:57 – It’s not all about sales
8:17 – What makes for good content marketing

You can listen to the podcast below or by finding us on iTunes, Anchor, RadioPublic or Pocketcasts.

If you like our podcast intro song, that’s Flat Mary Road, the band featuring Episode 2 guest Alex Irwin on the drums. You can listen to their album “Driving with the Numen” here.

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