Wrong Story Short: The Wrong Way to Apologize in Crisis

Jul 16, 2018

On our fourth episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Braithwaite’s Steve Wanczyk and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong way to apologize during a crisis, when it makes sense not to apologize, and when it’s time to stop apologizing. Steve heads up Braithwaite’s crisis communications services and has spent more than a decade solving all sorts of crises for clients across all kinds of industries. If there’s anyone who’s going to help guide a company out of a crisis, it’s Steve.

What’s in this episode:
1:09 – Braithwaite’s crisis philosophy
3:45 – Is it possible to over-apologize?
5:45 – Do you always need to apologize during a crisis?
9:00 – Legal ramifications of a crisis vs. brand reputation

You can listen to the podcast below or by finding us on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, RadioPublic or Pocketcasts.

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