Hugh Braithwaite

What my business card says:

Founder and CEO

What I actually do:

As CEO, I’m the chief storyteller here, which means I spend a lot of time looking at two things: the changing world of media and stories, and our clients’ changing landscapes, to discover the best brand narratives.

Marketing pedigree:

I’ve been in marketing and PR for more than three decades, serving clients like Coke, GE, Microsoft, Hasbro and Merck. I spent my formative years with big NYC agencies, but my best work is here, working with true leaders in dozens of industries across all media.

Most recent success:

Led a crisis campaign to protect one of the largest Pennsylvania senior associations.

Remind me to tell you the story about …

My media tour road trip with Mickey Mantle.

Book I recommend to clients:

To Sell Is Human” – it validated with research the stuff I’ve been doing by instinct all these years.

What I do for fun:

Play bad rock guitar with good friends.


Dickinson, English Major (yes, English), 1983. Guest lecturer at Wharton since 2007.

Title of my autobiography:

“My Family – The Ultimate Agency”

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